"Just to let you know; the guitars (Kiwi Light DC and Light Orange SS Archtop) arrived safely and in perfect condition... I have to say they are an absolute joy to play and I can tell you made them with a lot of care and attention to detail. They play so smoothly the fretboard is like a shredding ice-rink. I’ve had many top quality guitars and have no hesitation in saying these go to the top of hierarchy as my favourites! It’s great they look as beautiful as they play!... I’m a complete matte convert!"

Leighan M, UK

"Guitar arrived safe and sound! Thanks so much it’s great – I’ve been giving it a blast for the last half an hour through my Diezel Herbert – sounds great. Those Nailbombs certainly get some air moving, although I have to admit I was a bit nervous as depending on the timber they can sound muddy and I’ve got no idea really what the ball park on Walnut is, but I think they work okay! Honestly though, I’ve got some very expensive guitars - Blackmachines, Mansons, PRS, Gibson, Feline - and the fit and finish on yours is right up there with the best of them! It feels very solid, it’s almost hard to believe it’s a bolt on and it’s surprisingly light too – love it! Thanks again for all the effort, and a really great guitar."

Ross T, UK

"I've been meaning to shoot you a message. I must say I absolutely love this guitar... I love the body shape (I'm really happy with the bevelling), it's really grown on me and feels very comfortable to play (gotta love that Walnut mid-range). Never have I owned a guitar with a Floyd Rose so flush to the guitar with out any issues with fret buzz. The headstock seems much bigger in person and I love it haha. The thing I like the most is the neck. I've always liked really meaty necks but this is fantastic. It feels perfect with extra width of the seventh string. I have a buddy who builds guitars as a hobby and he wants to model his next neck after it. I also appreciate the rounded ends on the finger board. You don't see that much. All in all this is a one of a kind, amazing guitar."

Michael P, USA

"I am lucky enough to own KM-II #1 and I have to say this guitar is amazing. When I opened the case, I was taken back at how good it looked, I’m a big fan of natural guitar finishes and the Black Limba body with the lighter grain running through the middle looks fantastic. The attention to detail, such as the recess for the hardware washers and the snug fitting direct mount pickups (BKP Aftermaths), finishes it off perfectly. The guitar is light and well balanced without compromising on sustain and tone in any way. I love the asymmetrical neck profile, this combined with the excellent fret work makes it really fast and comfortable to play, and definately an option I would get again on future guitars. This is my new go to guitar! Overall I am very pleased with the guitar and would highly recommend Kemp Guitars to anyone. Thanks again!"

Andrew W, UK

"It plays really well, good action no buzzing... It is very comfortable to play. The weight and balance are good. The sound is huge and very rich and the tonal variations available just from the on-board controls are greater than any other guitar I've played, I can bin my pedals! It also has massive sustain... It's a stunning instrument and I'm looking forward to gigging it, though it will need to be well guarded!"

Dr Nick P, UK

"Got the DC today alive and well... I can tell it seems precisely what I thought and was looking for: a well made instrument with a quality feel to it. I'm especially fond of the way the neck feels, which is very nice and fast, and the neck looks in different lighting. The fretboard is very stylish indeed. Absolutely beautiful... I was surprised with the body, as it seems really small for even a solid body, but after the first few minutes I already got used to it. It's so light one could run a marathon carrying it. The sound is superb, kicks very nicely and sharply with a clear good punch, like it very much. This guitar has articulates very clearly, and especially artificial harmonies are ridiculously easy to play even with the neck pickup compared to what I'm used to. I can tell it has much more to offer, when I get to play it through my main amps."

Mikko S, Finland

"After unpacking it, I was very happy with it right away. It plays like a dream, and it sounds pretty much the way I wanted it to. I had to get used to the pronounced mids a bit, but the lows and highs are well balanced. Because this guitar being my first mahogany (black limba) like guitar it isn't really strange I had to get used to the mids. After a few weeks I'm very happy with it's complete sound spectrum though! Overall I'm incredibly happy with this guitar: it plays like a dream, sounds great and is pretty versatile. After using the guitar during a few gigs, I got quite a few people asking what I guitar I play, which put a smile on my face of course: always nice to know the guitar I play raises some eyebrows (positively speaking). If you're looking for a custom guitar, I can really recommend Serpentine (Kemp) Guitars!"

Twan Smolders (Beyond God), Netherlands

"I just took delivery of my very own custom Quilted Maple DC this morning. I am absolutely blown away! This is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen - yet alone had the pleasure of playing. 'Anduril' (as she shall now be called) plays beautifully - the whole guitar comes alive as it resonates in my hands, building an instant connection with me that just invites me to play more and more. Aesthetically, the Quilted Maple top, and Ebony fingerboard are jaw droppingly stunning together. The shape of the carved arch top DC body and reverse 3+3 headstock looks just awesome. BK pickups are amazing, delivering all the tone I could ever want in combination with that heavy Mahogany body. The notes just leap out of the guitar with perfect separation and clarity. Best thing is.....she's all mine! Matt - Thank you! It was worth every second of the wait."

Scott Travis (Reya), UK

"I can feel the quality of this instrument is miles ahead of anything I've ever had... The guitar is everything I imagined and more!"

Tyler K, USA

"I have received my guitar and MY GOD it is so beautiful! It looks so much different while looking at the pictures than holding in it your hands. I haven't plugged it in yet because I just keep staring at it and loose focus from other things and I also thought I let you know straight away first that it is finally in my possession. Thank you so much! I checked out the neck and the playability is so damn good. It also has a nice and sleek body... and it does not weigh anything compared to my Schecter. I am extremely pleased! Thank you so much for the awesome job you have done, you have made my dream come true and for that I am highly grateful."

Ali Kingravi (Ophicracy), UK

"I got the guitar today, I love it. It's exactly what I asked for and the action is perfect for what I had in mind. I can really dig into some big chords without having to worry about buzzing. The guitar stands out in a couple ways. Your work is very clean, cleaner than my Skervesen and Carvin. The fret job is very nice, bends are pretty effortless and it just feels fast. The real highlight in my opinion is the oil finish. I've done a couple oil finishes on my guitars but this one is very unique I guess. It doesn't really feel like an oil finish, it feels cleaner and more satiny than a lot of the oil finishes I've used. The neck is great, feels perfect in my hands, exactly what I pictured. Thanks for this wonderful instrument, I'm really enjoying it."

Michel H, Switzerland

"Taken delivery today of my guitar and I'm pleased to say I'm very happy with it, love the body and after playing it for a while both unplugged and plugged into my amp the neck profile and action feels really nice and quick I'd go as far and say the neck/fretboard feels as good if not better then a PRS Custom I used to have, top dollar."

Marcus B, UK

"I'm really enjoying it... It (custom seven-string) plays beautifully, the neck is super comfortable and I was shocked at how effortless it is to play, once I got my head round having an extra string of course."

Josh L, UK

"I always wanted to get a baritone guitar. My baritone (from Kemp Guitars) is simply gorgeous! I did not even imagine that the guitar could have such long sustain... Great job, I would recommend this guitar to all!"

Max M, Ukraine