Custom Made Guitars

Custom Made Guitars

UK-based Kemp Guitars make guitars to meet your exact requirements, custom made and finished by a professional luthier who combines fine craftsmanship, high quality materials and meticulous attention to detail with a helping of extreme metal!

Old School-Modern

Old School-Modern

Heavily influenced by 80s and 90s guitar styling (à la Jackson® and ESP®), we add modern specifications - including choice tonewoods and hardware of today, multiscale fretboards and striking matte finishes - to bring them into the 21st Century.

Latest Builds


Left-handed San Dimas/Strat-body inspired build with archtop Poplar body, Maple/Wenge/Maple neck with reverse headstock and an "eyecatching" blue finish... We're also starting on our first DC3 build and a custom 8-string multiscale V... Watch this space!

Beyond God

Twan Smolders of Netherlands based female-fronted Symphonic Metal band "Beyond God" plays a 7-string Custom Multiscale DC


Scott Travis of the Merseyside, UK based Alternative/Progressive Rock band "Reya" uses a 6-string Custom Carve-top DC


Ali Kingravi of the UK based Death Metal band "Ophicracy" uses a 7-string Custom Carve-top, seen in this "guitar cam" video on the left