Spray Shop | Guitar Refinishing

Kemp Guitars custom spray shop for guitar refinishing

Do you have a guitar in need of a make-over?

Kemp Guitars has opened its in-house custom spray shop to all guitar body and neck refinishing work.

100's of matte solid colours available, or perhaps you just want a "natural" clear coat finish to show off your exotic wood grain or figure.

We can take care of all pre and post-spraying services, including disassembly, stripping, reassembly and setups, and our current turnaround is approximately four to six weeks.

View a selection of recently sprayed custom guitars in our Gallery.

Price List
Solid colour - Bolt-on body £200
Clear coat only - Bolt-on body £160
Solid colour - Bolt-on neck £105
Clear coat only - Bolt-on neck £80
Solid colour - Set or thru-neck £305
Clear coat only - Set or thru-neck £240
Strip original finish - Bolt-on body £95
Strip original finish - Bolt-on neck £50
Strip original finish - Set or thru-neck £145
Disassembly prior to spraying £25
Masking bindings - per binding £20
Reassembly post-spraying (recommended) £25
Reassembly and set-up post-spraying from £60*
Set-ups from £40*
Fret level, fret dress and set-up from £75*
Refret and set-up - unbound fretboard from £150*
Refret and set-up - bound fretboard from £195*
Maple fretboard respray from £30

* Prices exclude strings

Download colour chart or contact us for booking enquires.