Custom Made Guitars

Custom Made Guitars

I make guitars that meet your exact requirements, custom made and finished with a combination of fine craftsmanship, high quality tonewoods and materials, and a meticulous attention to detail

Rock/Metal Guitars

Rock & Metal Guitars

I am Kemp Guitars and Kemp Guitars is me - Matt Kemp, a UK based metal-head and maker of six and seven-string guitars for the modern rock and metal guitarist

Current Builds


This year looks set to be my most exciting and productive year ever, with numerous builds in progress and discussion. As always, regular updates and finished work will be posted on social media and the website

Beyond God

Twan Smolders, ex-guitarist for Netherlands based female-fronted Symphonic Metal band "Beyond God", plays a 7-string Custom Multiscale DC


Scott Travis of the Merseyside, UK based Alternative/Progressive Rock band "Reya" uses a 6-string Custom Carve-top DC


Ali Kingravi of the UK based Death Metal band "Ophicracy" uses a 7-string Custom Carve-top, seen in this "guitar cam" video on the left