Custom Made Guitars

Custom Made Guitars

I build electric guitars, custom made to order to meet your exact requirements, using a combination of fine handcraftsmanship, high grade tonewoods and quality materials, and an unsurpassed attention to detail

Rock/Metal Guitars

Rock & Metal Guitars

I am Kemp Guitars and Kemp Guitars is me, Matt Kemp, UK based metalhead and maker of six and seven-string guitars for the modern rock and metal guitarist

It's Our 10th Year!

Kemp Guitars 10 Year Anniversary

And I've put together a 52-page eBook plus £50 voucher off a custom order to mark this special occasion. Just £4.99, order here...

Twan Smolders

Twan Smolders, former guitarist with Netherlands based female-fronted Symphonic Metal band "Beyond God", plays a 7-string Custom Multiscale DC


Scott Travis of the Merseyside, UK based Alternative/Progressive Rock band "Reya" uses a 6-string Custom Carve-top DC


Ali Kingravi of the UK based Death Metal band "Ophicracy" uses a 7-string Custom Carve-top, seen here on the left in this guitar-cam video